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The Sequins

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The Sequins
The Sequins Bio:

The Sequins exploded onto the scene with a groundbreaking rendition of the Talking Heads classic 'Psychokiller' on the ukulele. The overwhelming crowd reactiom to that small acoustic slot spurred Hywel (vocals) and Justin (guitar) to recruit drummer Simon, second guitarist Rob and bass player Karthic, into a group forged through a mutual appreciation of Joy Division, The Smiths and Coventry's indie/alternative nights.

After Simon left for Manchester, Brendan, a new, exciting and unique drummer helped secure the band's reputation as one of the most exciting live alternative guitar bands in the West Midlands. Each amazing performance, executed with riveting showmanship and ferocious raw energy, showcasing a unique melding of jangley indiepop and a palette of stylish new wave influences.

Having built up a devoted and fervent local fanbase, they self-released an 8-track EP, 'Why Do I Smile?',with WERL records. Due to unprecedented public demand, the first run of CDs sold out in no time at all, forcing a second run.

After Brighton band British Sea Power saw the Sequins open for them in a recent support slot, they described them in a national magazine as 'fucking great' and that they 'sounded like the Smiths playing"Life on Mars"'. The Sequins were then showcased in February by Claire Sturgess on London's Xfm radio. Spurred on by such support from a major station, the band are spreading their wings to the capital and beyond. Look for them in the listings in the cities' hottest new venues, as they branch out from their West Midlands base to take their sound to the rest of the UK

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