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The Highway

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The Highway
The Highway Bio:

The New York-based psychedelic rock band The Highway came into being nearly a
decade ago. Daniel Tortoledo (vocals and bass), Ysaac Cohen (guitar), Victor Cruz
(guitar) and Ted MacInnes (drums) connected over shared influences, both earthly and
intangible: Philosophy. Perspective. The vastness of outer space. The quick wit of Jack
Lemon. Mysticism. Hitchcock’s psychological mindfucks. Grassy fields and dense
forests. Color. The expansiveness of the United States.

The result of their collaboration is a singular sound—one that has the ability to
completely take you over.

Within the cacophonous, but highly orchestrated, rock trances is a writing process
steeped in tradition. The Highway adheres to the mantra of less is more, and there is
order here in the chaos of sound. Starting with simple chords, the band creates a spacious
structure in which to elaborate.

Adding psychedelic arrangements and soulful lyrics (sung with fervor by Daniel
Tortoledo) they infect with potent nostalgia. They elicit a feeling of having discovered
something entirely new. Their songs ebb and flow, often building to a riot—a well-
crafted wall of sound, punctuated by the tweaked out echoes of dreams and philosophical
spoken lyrics.

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