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The Cinematics

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The Cinematics
The Cinematics Bio:

It all began one day late in the summer of 2003, some guy was busking on Ashton lane in Glasgow's west end, just a little money for his dinner.

A passer by intrigued by a voice capable of hitting soaring notes as good as Jeff Buckley or Thom York, stopped to listen for a while.

"Have you got a band mate?"
"No, not at the moment"
"I can play the guitar..."

The busker was called Scott Rinning the passer by Ramsay Miller, with another two friends on board The Cinematics were formed.

All growing up in the same town, pulled together by the hand of fate only after having moved to Glasgow for differing reasons. Scott and Ramsay along with Adam Goeman on bass and Ross Bonney on drums started writing and rehearsing in the autumn of 2003. Their first gig in Glasgow University's Queen Margaret Union in February 2004 showed that from the very start this band possibly had that, shall we say, something special -

In themonths since that first gig the band have been writing and performing non-stop all over Glasgow to an ever-growing army of fans. They have already played the prestigious T Break stage at T in the Park after having only been together for 9 months!