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The Back Wheels

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The Back Wheels
The Back Wheels Bio:

Its a story of fate. The three of us, unknown to each other until that fateful rainy day, have a tale to amaze even the most stubborn of sceptics.

The saga began when I was on my way to get some bourbons form the shop. Riding my BMX Burner, I was feeling kinda cocky that day and decided to ride the pavement, throwing caution to the wind. Unfortunately, whilst seeing how long I could ride with my eyes shut, I didnt see the large white dog turd straddling the pavement and I rode straight into it.

Due to the solid nature of said turd, I was catapulted through the air, with my BMX closely following. Upon landing I turned only to find the back wheel slamming squarely into my groin causing a testicle to ride uncomfortably up into my groin. Hospital bound I was

Meanwhile, the then-to-be second member of the band was passing on his pearlescent Vespa, with extra mod attachments and an array of chromed mirrors. In his unselfishness, after witnessing my accident, he did a massive skid, and came over at full pace to my rescue. But, as he turned his machine around, the then-to-be third member of the band was coming towards the scene on his original 70s Chopper, restored to mint condition, unaware of the carnage before him.

Both were on a collision course that was set to change the rest of our lives forever.

In a cloud of chrome, teeth, blood and a wiry aerial with a ribbon on the end, the two collided in the centre of the road. After the dust settled there we all lay... motionless... with three back wheels firmly lodged in our groins, and three dislodged testicles.

From our time spent in hospital together, we soon learned for our love of music and all things punk. So when the time came to name the band that formed there was only one name we could choose...Busta Nut! (later changed to The Back Wheels)

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