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Tetsuo Chema

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Tetsuo Chema
Tetsuo Chema Bio:

Started this project after i was left computer-less thanks to the utter wankness of Windows XP. So in my boredom i dusted off my trusty old 4-track and started writing demo's (with the aid of music 2000 for the playstation, which i used for the drum tracks)

So once i got my computer up and running again i started making an album (only using about 4 of the 30 + demo's i did, strangly)

A few months after that, and after sending the album out to some friends in America and handing out copies to friends and family, i decided to make another, with the same sending/handing out procedure as before when completed.

Currently recording album number 3, two tracks from the new CD are now on this page - Metropolis Fist and The Concrete Hell.


Tetsuo Chema (2003)
Mondo Tokyo (2004)
Bloody Leftovers (2005) [Demo's, Non Album Tracks etc...]
Tetsuo III: Flying Tetsuo (Coming late 2007)

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