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Sweet Dilemma

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Sweet Dilemma
Sweet Dilemma Bio:

Within weeks of forming in late 2004, Sweet Dilemma entered the studio and released a 5 song CD to great reviews from the public and critics alike. quickly named Angela Dean ‘Vocalist of the Month’ with “Caught”, the first song the band ever submitted on the internet.
The spring of 2006 took Sweet Dilemma back to the studio to record "Ordinary Day", "Hypnotized", and "Stand In Line". The band took advantage of the studio as a backdrop and rolled cameras during the recording of “Ordinary Day”. It is a rare glimpse of them as they bring their songs to life.
The following summer and fall saw Sweet Dilemma playing many shows in clubs around the region. The energy of the band while playing coupled with the strength of the songs in their expanding set list made each show a new experience for their fans. Requests were constantly made for songs that had never seen the light of day outside the live show.
Sweet Dilemma found themselves in the studio during the winter of 2007 recording "If I Want To" and "Make Believe". The promise of "Make Believe" as a follow-up single prompted the band to film a video which is now available on YOU TUBE and MYSPACE. The Indy Music Channel added the video to its play list and “Make Believe” was put into heavy rotation.
Sweet Dilemma continues performing shows that have been described as fun, powerful, and exciting. With a song catalog now easily longer than allotted set times, the band is constantly demanded to play encores; a demand Sweet Dilemma gladly meets. Enjoy the show and be sure to introduce yourself to the band. They are always anxious to meet you!

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