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Stefan K

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Stefan K
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Genres: Jazz / Fusion / Experimental

Artist Bio

Stefan K started to study music when he was just 5 years old. At first Stefan was playing piano. Later, at the age of 9, he started to play clarinet. Stefan was in love with the instrument from the very first note he produced on it.

Many good moments passed since then. Stefan was playing many different kind music: classical, contemporary, jazz, klezmer, arabic, gipsy jazz, eastern-european folk, reggae, etc. with many good musicians. Was touring in Europe, and did recordings with several bands. A few to mention: The Groove of the Nile (HdKdW, Berlin); Acoustic Rendez-vous (gipsy-jazz; performances with Bawo and Lulo Reinhardt); Los Amigos (Latvia, many top 1 hits, gold, platinum).

Stefan K is available for gigs, recording, composing/arranging, teaching or any other collaboration.

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  • 2009: Billboard Song Contest 2008: Honorable Mention
  • 2009: Great American Song Honor Award in Instrumental Category
  • 2008: UK Songwriting Contest 2008: Finalist in the Instrumental category
  • 2007: Music Aid Awards 2007: Special Mention in Best Composition Category

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