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Start A Fire

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Start A Fire
Start A Fire Bio:

To conquer the world with our unique sound and style with a smile on our faces

Swedish metal band formed
in Gothenburg 2009.

-The Gothenburgsound

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Alexander Holmstedt - Vocals
Amandus Carlenfors - Drums
Robin Strömberg -
Bass And Vocals.
Martin Carlenfors -
Lead Guitars
Christian J Karlsson - Rythm Guitars and Vocals.

Ibanez RGA7/RG7321 Guitars.
Ibanez BTB 5-string Bass.
Boss/Ibanez pedals.
D´Addario Strings.
Lundgren pickups.
Blackstar AMPS
TAMA drums with a mix of
Sabian,Meinl,Zildjian cymbals.
Shure microphones.

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