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Slowly but Stoned

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Slowly but Stoned
Slowly but Stoned Bio:

Music has always been our passion!! yes I know thats an old line and probably one you've heard before but......
From Ste learning guitar and every Oasis song going in his early teens,
To Sarah learning lyrics to the many female greats like Eva cassidy, Tracy Chapman and Celine Dion. and both being musically intersested at school, taking part in school music plays etc oh who could forget Ste's brillant performance as Oliver he he. :)
Slowly but Stoned even with its unconventional name was just meant to be!

Our musical paths crossed through love and love was the ingredient that created our first music. Love; losing it, finding it and the simple pleasures of loved ones!
From a few late night sessions we created three catchy songs, playing these songs to family and friends the reviews were positive and each said we should take it further!
We began by writing more music about different themes, using different styles of writing, trying to keep of our songs unique.
We created a facebook and Myspace page...... We were on our way.
Our debut performance took place at Twisterellas' Acoustic Night at Frankys, Darwen, UK
A fabulous night that will be well remembered! We were offered a slot to bring our new music to an audience, we have never practised so hard and had a brillant time up on stage even getting an encore request! it was just a shame that we had played all our songs. something to remember for next time ;)
It was from this gig that we got an offered for our next gig. The Raggle Taggle Gyspies who are fab btw liked our music and asked us to support them while they regularly gig around Darwen.
Now we are working on new material and we are working on creating songs for Myspace and keeping our fans up to date.

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Ever been to a festival or concert and been showered with beer that has been thrown from the crowd behind you? That`s what this song is about! We both went to watch Oasis at Heaton Park in June and the song describes our experience. Hopefully most of you listeners relate to the lyrics. We tried to give the song a dancey feel to it so people will either tap their feet or get up and boogie! Hope you all like it!!!!


Sarah Mason - Vocals/Lyrics
Ste Brady - Music/Production