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Sheena Rose

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Sheena Rose
Sheena Rose Bio:

Sheena Rose has always had a lifelong love for dance music. An established drag queen entertainer/dance recording artist, Sheena Rose burst onto the San Francisco drag/**** club scene in the summer of 2006. Dynamic,dramatic, and electrifying, glamourous deluxe diva, Sheena Rose is the consummate professional, commanding the stage whether its in a small bar infront of a handful of people, or a circuit party peforming for 100's. Sheena has graced every notable stage on the scene, and can currently be seen performing with the Dream Queens Revue & Hot Boxxx Girls at Aunt Charlie's, Hayes Valley Follies at Marlena's, SHOW/OFF at Truck, The Midnight Show at Divas, Meow Mix at The Stud, Cookie Dough's The Monster Show and many other venues.

Sheena got her start performing in San Francisco clubs, to her favorite records by some of her favorite divas. She quickly made a name for herself as "the best Bette in town" for her dramatic, over the top performance of Bette Midler's classic tune "When A Man Loves A Woman" as The Rose.

Tired of just lip-syncing to other artists songs, and influenced by the music of Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, RuPaul, Lady Gaga, Tina Turner, Madonna, and others, Sheena was inspired to take her drag act to the next level, to record her own dance/electronica/pop music. Since 2010, collaborating with her record producer and friend Michael Peterson, Sheena has released three singles worldwide on iTunes and is about to release her new dance single, "Time (Clock Of The Heart)" (William Umana Remix) on iTunes worldwide. The track, a cover of the 1982 Culture Club classic, was produced by superstar DJ/Producer William Umana, whos enjoyed numerous Billboard Dance Club chart hits, including the the #1 hit "Party People" (Loco Mix) by Jeanie Tracy. An accompaning music video by talented director Brit Zane, will also be released.

Sheena says of the new track and working with William Umana, "I have always loved the Culture Club song, and when I was toying with the idea of recording a cover for my next single, I just knew I had to do it. To My knowledge I don't think its ever been done before as dance song. The story the lyrics project, is so powerful and moving, that I think anyone can relate to it. I'm so happy with the track that William came up with, its hot and hes so talented and working with him was truly, a dream come true. I can't wait to hear it in the dance clubs!"

To Sheena, dance/pop music is the soundtrack to our lives. It doesn't matter if your happy, sad, or lonely, or just want to dance, music has the power to move you and make you reflect on your own life and past experiences, good or bad. It allows us to relive memories that have long faded, instantly allowing our past to be relived. This is why Sheena loves music, and the power she hopes to bring to her recordings. Sheena is currently in the recording studio at work on her next dance single, "Make Me Over".

Sheena's iTunes Discography:

-"Opening Act" (Feat. Michelle Loffelbien) - Single, 2010
-"Time (Clock Of The Heart)" - Single, 2011
-"Opening Act" (New Mix) - Single, 2011
-"Time (Clock Of The Heart)" (William Umana Remix) - Single, 2012
-"Make Me Over" - Single, December 2012

Sheena's Filmography:

-"Opening Act" - Live (music video) 2011
- "Time (Clock Of The Heart)" (music video) 2012
- "The Dinner Party" (short film) 2012

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Sheena Rose - Opening Act  » view code
Written by Jacob Paiva and Michael Peterson

***Available now for download at iTunes and***
Produced, programmed, mixed, and engineered by Michael Peterson at Harvest Moon Studios, Martinez, CA.

Mastered by Ken Lee Mastering, Oakland, CA.

Backing vocals by Michelle Loffelbien

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Sheena Rose - Time (Clock Of The Heart) (William Umana Remix) -  » view code
***Coming Soon to iTunes!***

Written by George O'Dowd, John Moss, Mikey Craig, Roy Hay/Published by Virgin Music Inc, (ASCAP)

Remixed by William Umana

Backing vocals by Monica Smith

Photo and Artwork by Connie Servative