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Seasons Changing

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Seasons Changing
Seasons Changing Bio:

Seasons Changing is a four piece band from Long Island, New York. They've been playing together for a little over a year now and are working on their second CD, "All is Fair When Love is War". Frontman Nick Starrantino has been playing and writing music since he was a little kid and eventually met guitar player Sean Murphy and drummer Tim Bardong. After their first show they replaced their original bass player with life-long friend to Sean, Taylor Schwab, and had no drummer. They taught Tim how to play drums. "We gave him the simpliest and most mediocre parts we could possibly make for him," says Starrantino, "and he played them as mediocre as possible." The band now is trying its best to expand their horizons and make a little bit of a name for themselves by not only using extravagant stage performances, but also wierd set-ups and ways of playing with help from friends.

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