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Sean Eskimo

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Sean Eskimo
Sean Eskimo Bio:

Sean Eskimo is the recording name of Pete Clark. Pete Clark is the actual name of a 25 year old graphic designer.

Pete has been making tunes since he was about 15, first starting on an amiga 1200. He managed to sell a tape of his first tunes around his school which generated the young Sean Eskimo the sum of around 30. This money was used to buy some tab clear and brannigans crisps to aid in the production of more fantastic tunes.

Fast forward a couple of years and Pete had migrated to the apple mac and was making music to distract himself from the all consuming boredom of working on a local newspaper.

Music continued as a hobby for the next few years, helping Pete to cope with the tedium of everyday life. Support and advice was offered from many friends along the way; After one live experiment at a local youth event Andy Cogdon offered the constructive "Well, that didn't work did it?". On another occasion, one of Pete's employers declared upon entering an office which was rocking to the Eskimo sound "Yes, I can well imagine people without ears might enjoy that."

Now at university 'studying' graphic design Pete is spending more and more time on the tunes, mostly in an effort to avoid work. All the time wasting and work displacement finally paid off though with the release of a couple of tracks on the Audio Aubergine net label. following this, more tunes were made which resulted in the 'Eskimusic' EP

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