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Scott Weis Band

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Scott Weis Band
Scott Weis Band Bio:

The Scott Weis Band has been voted PA’s best bands by Shinbone magazine.

Simply stated the Scott Weis Band is “No Bull Rock and Roll” (Tinsley Ellis – Blues Great). This summer SWB has headlined festivals in the northeast with the attendance of over 5000 people. SWB hard hitting rock and roll seems go well with Harley Davidson as dealers record record sales having SWB in there lineup simply stated SWB had a reputation for success.

After 7 years storming the eastern seaboard of the US with split bills, headlined festivals and night clubs, leaving behind a imprint in your mind of being musically blown away.What separates The Scott Weis Band from others is pure soul and emotion fused with the genius of musicality, from Robert Kopec’s master bass playing that makes you tilt your head like a dog if you try to understand his genius, to Dean Sharp’s innovative percussive drumming style that will 100% get your groove on and rock your soul or Scott Weis’s soulful voice and searingly melodic guitar playing fused with unison harmonica.

The culmination of this band leaves crowds with a lasting question in there mind where did these guy’s come from?

The gestation was perhaps Band of Gypsies, Led Zeppelin, Myles Davis, Cream.It is plain and simple it’s The Scott Weis Band.

So lets groove on back to the days when rock music had freedom… the days of the Filmore, when rock was pure and innovative, and the musicality was key, let us now say we have The Scott Weis Band.

Scott and his crew have raised the levels of blues and rock with their high energy infused style, blending in a little good ole’ Memphis soul to set you musically free.

After seven years and two CD’s the SWB is in the studio set to release two CD’s by 2011. One acoustic and one electric showing the ever growing musical diversity of the Scott Weis Band.

When we think we heard it all, SWB breaks out the acoustical instruments in the middle of a set, upright bass, acoustic guitar and percussion, and raises the bar again, taking you on a total powerful soulful journey of music. SWB is simply not to be missed – they do it all with 100% heart and soul”

- Sam Kelic, NE East Entertainment

A Scott Weis trademark, not only is Scott a great singer and guitar player, but when he solo’s with one hand on the guitar and the other playing harmonica in harmony, drives crowds to their feet – this is truly a sight to see and hear.

- The Night Hawks

Scott Weis Band is a great unsigned artist with 2 CDs under their belt and a third on the way, selling more than 7,000 CDs grass roots.

The Scott Weis Band, whose music not only served as a satisfying prelude to the main feature, but also held their own to the point an audience member might forfeit their expectations anything was to follow. This was simply because the musical need was fulfilled by this fantastic band.

- Pocono Record

To see the Scott Weis Band live is a whole other experience. I have not seen a musical union like this in years. Their musical bond is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin or Cream.

- Kate Walter, New Yorker Magazine

Members include Robert Kopec, Bass Guitar,Dean Sharp on drums, and Scott Weis, Guitar, Lead Vocals and Harmonica.

Scott Weis sings with the passion reminiscent of Joe Cocker, Otis Redding.”

- John Sopel, Village Voice

Scott’s guitar playing is a tasteful blend of fusion and raw electric blues”.

- Ron Delmare of Rhythm and Blues Review.

The blend of these three is blues rock magic.”

- Don Sterneker, Producer

Scott has put his time in as a working musician for many, split bills, shared the stage for artists of all styles including Buddy Guy, J.R. Wells, Jerry Garcia, BB King, Blues Traveler, Robert Cray, Little Feat, George Clinton, The Night Hawks, Richie Havens, Bon Jovi, White Snake, Dave Matthews, Paul Gerimiah, Adrian Legg, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Little River Band , The Bengals, The Hooters, Tinsley Ellis, Louisiana Red , Dana Fuchs ,Anna Popavic ,Dave Mason ,Rick Derringer ,Little River Band and many others. Scott has found a home fusing many of his influences into blues rock.

This band smokes.”

- John Popper, Blues Traveler

To See Scott play live is an experience. This soft spoken guy rips his heart out of the guitar and sings with a voice that can sing raw bues, down home soul, or a great ballad, truly amazing.”

- Leon Wilkison

I once asked Scott why is it that when you play, you have this energy that takes over a room?

“For me, playing is a spiritual thing and when I get up and play I am in a trance like state. You gotta feel it deep down or you don’t stand out.”

The Scott Weis Band does not just stand out, they TAKE OVER.

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This Song is a dedication to those who suffered in Hurricane Katrina    

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