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Savage Heart

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Savage Heart
Savage Heart Bio:

Savage Heart was for with the goal to combine sleaze with metal!
In May 2005 CaseyC, Jonny Gunn and Peter Crow joined their forces an Savage Heart was born. In late 2005 were our first album "stay Savage" released with CaseyC behind the microphone. We got great feedback from magazines, webzines and the audience. But we felt something was missing...and in late summer of 2006 Martin Scars Joind the band! Martin has a unike powerful voice which combines rawness and feeling.
We started to record an new EP, and it was finished on new EP "COME ON IN" in years eve 2006
Well, thats a quick description of what has happended...besides al scandals..!
After the third release "Hell Hotel" Savage Heart has got a new drummer and we now release the hard hitting EP "HIT THE HEART" ! Press play and hold :devil:

Rokk On /Savage Heart

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From our new EP "Hit The Heart"    

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