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Sli-Linc formed March 2004, blending a diverse range of influence and backgrounds into a tapestry of sounds and thought. Devoting our music to open the worlds minds, and hearts to the love of Christ, and the Power of God. Our music reminds everyone of the constant battle of good and evil, and how the choices We make effect our lives and others around Us. We have taken the stage at Donna's Ice House, The Blue Note, Sapphire Lounge, Jokers Wild, Shattered, and several Battle Of The Bands. We have produced a (DEMO 2005), and a Full-Length CD (2006) Its available at all of our shows and here online. Comming Soon "The CROSSOVER"

Tim Schnieders Vocalist:
Tim grew up in rural Missouri, and got his feet wet in music playing guitar, and found his voice in singing. Tim through Gold Star Talent has crafted his own brand of D.I.Y. attitude to promoting and performing music. Tim is a Proud Father and Husband. Tim has been an ordained minister for over 10 years, but spent most of His music career bouncing from several diffrent punk and metal acts, searching for His place until meeting Sli-Linc.
After talking with the band, then performing on a one-night practice. He new then he liked what he heard. Enjoying the bands fellowship, and collective talents and drive for the Lord.

Jeff Chailland Guitarist:
Formed Sli-Linc - January 2004, Jeff gained interest of playing guitar while listening to AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix. It all led to him picking up the guitar when he was 5, his first being an unglamorous JC Penney catalog special accompanied by a shoebox with a 4-inch speaker for an amp. Jeff continues to bring not only a dazzling array of lead guitar parts to Sli-Linc's music, but also throws down some savage riffery. Jeff is a Proud father, and owns Rock M Hard Records a Recording Studio/T-Shirt Printing/Cd- Duplication bussiness in Mid-Missouri.

Nick Boyd Bassist:
Nick is a Praise and Worship Leader at his Church. A highly talented Musician, and a devoted husband, He is also a Certified Crate / Ampeg Repairman. Nick grew up in the local Christian punk rock scene for many years. On a offer to jam with Stix, Nick dug the sound of the band and decided to join in on the fun. Sli-Linc welcomes him into the fold.

Bill "STIX" Pagett - Drummer:
Bill played music with Jeff many years ago. When the offer to "Return from the Grave" and perform in a band again with his old friend, Bill couldnt pass it up. Bill is a Loving Husband and Father, He helps out at his church by running sound, lending his voice to the choir, and were ever else the Lord Calls Him and his Talent

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Copyright 2006, 2007 (Lyrics By T. Schnieders, Music by T. Schnieders, J. Chailland, N. Boyd, B. Pagett) Goldstar Talent Music B.M.I