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Rise To Fall

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Rise To Fall
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A Melodic style with a Mctwist of ChAz" rIsE" Yobtaf" and Thumper" Aggressive but not hardcore, Groovie but not Disco, Emotional but not EMO!!! You all want to know our influences but it depends on what you mean? There are several Bands we all appreciate and probably listen to very loudly!!! But unfortunately when Bands name their influences people tend to label them. Now if your wondering what inspires us to write and play our music, well ask any serious musician - Passion love hate - I see music as an expression for an emotion, rather than yelling rather than crying, a vain to your inner self. We write out of us not to what sounds cool. Every one who likes it, Thank You.... Everyone that doesn't can go>>>>> just joking, everyone is entitled to their own prefence... Keep Rock'n Loud, RiSe

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