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Ralph Kramden

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Ralph Kramden
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Ralph Kramden a.k.a. Ron Milazzo at Email at

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#americana #experimental #countryblues from the album "Free Zoo (alive acoustic blues) 5/18/24 mono" - Is life a zoo? . . Is life in a zoo life? . . See lyrics for more info. ~ Improv acoustic guitar and vocals with a beat* - recorded live in 24 bit mono, May 18, 2024. Track 2 inspired by Ron's recent visit to the Brookfield Zoo (IL, USA). Session recorded with a DR5; *drum loops from an amped keyboard. R.I.P. Johnny Gray (vocalist/guitarist 1951-2024).."a shame I don't see any of his music online anywhere! “Here today, f***ing gone tomorrow" ~ Ron Milazzo (c) 2024, All Rights Reserved. For free downloads see This album was recorded with a Dead Guy Imperial IPA 19 ounce. -5/28.