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Ques Bio:

Contrary to popular belief, hip hop is not dead. As Ques'
newest hit Whiskey and Beer proclaims, "Hip hop's been hiding out at my
house." With the roots of underground hip hop music suffocating under
mainstream conquests it's refreshing to find out an artist like Ques
found a hole for air. This Bronx native delivers his music with the same
lyrical capabilities of any of hip hop's founding fathers, the humor of
a class clown, and the knowledge of a street Socrates. His mix of
creative talent and wit is reminiscent of a lost time in hip hop music
when it was about the conscious message, as much as it was about having
fun. Yet, according to Ques, his music is just a mirror into his world.
What a view.
Ques' revolutionary roots stem back to his childhood.
After the murder of his father, a political dissident, Ques knew it was
no longer a dream, but a responsibility to pursue his ultimate love,
music. Growing up in the Bronx, New York during the emergence of hip hop
was exactly the fuel needed for this young artists' fire. Ques became a
local hit, performing throughout the tri-state area in venues such as
Pyramid, Speed, West End Lounge, and Nuyorican Poet's Café. Soon, he
was opening shows for the late and greats like Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, and
collaborations with reggae sensation Elephant Man.
Ques' style is versatile. Outside of the fact that his
bilingual background allows him to rap in English and French, his
music has made it into television, radio, and Broadway theatre. You can
hear his work on the movie soundtrack for Sucker Punch, Reebok
commercials, and more recently the Mountain Dew MDX radio remix.
The man behind the music is currently working on his
follow-up album to his 2005 debut, Open Book, which has sold over 5,000
copies and counting. Ques is rated No.1 in the unsigned hip hop genre of
numerous mp3 websites, including, and Brace yourselves for the fall 2007 new album release.
So the following is there. The talent is there. Where's
the record deal? Ques doesn't preoccupy himself with talks of signing n
the dotted line. Though it is his ultimate goal, his immediate concern
is bringing his life, love, and music to the masses by any means
necessary. You can catch this laid back rapper rocking a Sweet 16, at a beat
battle hunting for producers, or right next door cracking jokes making
sure everybody's having a good time.

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