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Psikotikustik Bio:

Originally form in 2002,the band had two members;Hadi and the late Mardiana[rip] b4 Muhi joined the band in 2005.Originally Hadi and Mardiana are the members of Malaysia tradisional music group b4 they've decided to go on producing something fresh.
But tragically,in early 2006 Mardiana passed away before she could actually had her music heard by others.This site was our personal tribute to her who's also known as 'Puteri Seri Dewi Gamelan'.

"Laila - A Love Song By The River of Nile" » Ambient 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Inspired by a movie called 'Laila Majnun'.It's dark and melancholy as well.Originally called "An evening at the river of nile" it was our sweetest tune to date.