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Princip Bio:

Londons new alternative/indie/rock band Princip, play energetic tunes with an edge and a different spin. Their catchy, interesting, melodic tunes are sounding refreshingly vibrant.

Formed at the beginning of 2009, Princip have already played a number of vigorous, well attended shows at eminent venues across London and the UK, and have in a short time gained significant fan following and press attention. In October 2009, Princip have released an EP entitled “Pressure Rising EP” (featuring 4 tracks), and will be playing a number of shows across the UK in 2010.


“Strutting Rock’n’Roll Brawn” – NME

“Infectious, instantly likeable music” – Live Listings Magazine

“Their modern type of rock’n’roll and catchy songs, compels the crowd to move along passionately with their music” – Amy Dessoky, Music Maker Magazine

“Sexy Rock’n’Roll groove for the 21st Century” – PopBoks Magazine

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