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Plastic Fever

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Plastic Fever
Plastic Fever Bio:

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PLASTIC FEVER is a Dance, Hip-Hop, Reggae band. The main composer and singer is Sebastian Kadic.
PLASTIC FEVERS debut CD got excellent reviews from national and
international magazines, radios and websites such as Computer Music (N49 - Spain), Rock & Pop, KSK Radio, Broadjam (U.S website in which we climbed to the first and second place of the Latin ranking at the
same time).

They also played in some of the best B.As clubs (B.A news, Podesta, Kika,
Spell Cafe), at the radio (Rock & Pop, FM La Tribu, Signos) and in a major
festival called BOOMA (B.A-2003) in front of two thousand people.

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WWW.PLASTICFEVER.COM (for more info)

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