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Nadia Pero

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Nadia Pero
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Nadia Pero came together as a collective musical experience through three individuals. Jake Johnson, Jeff Fullmer, and Jacob Bryner. We relish the work and enjoyment of writing and reaching further into our world by those means. The band has sustained a following adequate enough to launch where a 15 track live demo is posted for free download. "We just want to the exposure really. Why Sound ( did a beautiful job with the live recording... so we want the demo to spread far and wide and we are prepared to rely on our fans and independent music fans to get the word out about Nadia Pero.

A word on Modern Music

We have all said it and we all know that profit is the goal of the record companies and they would have told us that from day one... it's business... and its not evil. These practices are the end result of a successful strategy set forth by businessmen in our own economic system and situation. This system and situation have reached a point where any sort of 'artistic ethic' does not factor in to the turning of a profit and in fact that sed 'artistic ethic', while potentially wildly successful, is a risky investment. An investment which remains hard to quantify and so is not only a risky investment but an investment which also embodies a larger aspect of the unknown. These sort of investments are not the type made by businesses in need of turning a quarterly profit to ensure their own survival. These types of investments are emergent from greater civilization... to whom growth and change are a muse and to whom the greater aesthetics of human life are not calculable but will always be inescapable; because these people, all people, ARE the human condition.

We feel that the emergence of a new sound in the music scene, which attracts a sufficient amount of people as to qualify that sound for mass production and distribution by record companies, can now be a terrible thing... because that company will then sign every thing walking which will consent to being that same sound reincarnate (and somehow, usually very weakly, to be that same sound reincarnate but with... just a slightly different edge). This process destroys 'artistic ethic' by castrating the music scenes mechanisms for delivering an evolving sound by progressive and active musicians to a passive listener. We put up with this because having any distributive mechanism is better than having none.

But we no longer without options... We here, are the entrepreneurs of the revitalization of new music world wide. We here, are the forefront of desensitized listeners and therefor we embody the greatest driving and productive force of that which is new... of that music which is reactionary and alive, not prepackaged and laid in freezers so that it might rot after it has been purchased and not before. But most importantly, and indeed we do it now, WE HERE can communicate our thoughts and ideas with impunity to the world at large. We only need to tell them where to look. We here, on the internet, must work together to spread our own livelihoods and our own music wide enough that people who want it will know where to get it. The possibilities are endless and language, either when spoken or when used to build the very fabric of our communication and distrobution , is no longer a boundary.

So... who is with me?

"Balsamic Galbadia" » Progressive 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Inspired by the spiral prisons of Final Fantasy 8 and fancy vinegar.    

"Atlas" » Psychedelic Rock 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Inspired by Ayn Rand... and the beautiful world she imagined. the breakdowns and the ending are our favorite parts... This song always proves a favorite of new Nadia Pero fans.    

"Safarex" » Hard Rock 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Inspired by a 40oz and a friend. Boom