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Moonlighter Bio:

Moonlighter was formed in 2010 and it's a bundle of goodness of original British rock and pop music born out of the vision, skill, love and friendship of four really cool guys.

Matheus - 32-year-old Brazilian-born world-travelled nomad front-man who's been writing songs for as long as he can remember. Usually seen accompanied by his faithful Farida acoustic guitar or his cherished microkorg XL.

JC - love the rhythm, kick those beats. 26 year-old Devon boy who moved to the big city. Self taught drummer, been playing drums for 9 years, often seen spinning a drum stick.

Wheels - 32 year old Yorkshire lad/City-Boy moonlighting as a rock star! Picked up the guitar a couple of years ago after some minor dabbling as a teenager and now making up for lost time!

Carlos - Venezuelan-born, Los Angeles-raised Spaniard. There was no other information available at the time of writing, due to his inscrutable nature.

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