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Maybe Next Year

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Maybe Next Year
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Alternative rock, Pop/Punk, Electro: Maybe Next Year, a new Montreal band, is creating a different style of music which emerges as a well balanced blend of energy and sensitiveness. The groups sights are set on developing music that is original and that captivates, that calls for rugged guitar sounds, and can rely on the groups strong vocal harmonies. From its beginnings, MNYs top priorities have been the search for appealing, inspiring melodies, melodies with which its audience can easily identify. The members of MNY have all participated in other groups in the local scene. Over the last five years, they have accumulated among them a total of 300 shows to their credit. The group continues its work of creating and composing, drawing inspiration from a well of ideas and lively imagination. Also, it is about to finalize the recording of its second demo as well as the writing of a solid press release which should raise its profile among the principal actors in the Canadian music industry. Leave us your comments or feel free to send us a message, we would love to hear your thoughts on the songs. If you are interested in signing us, or helping us in any way, write to us! Thanks for your support and comments, see you at the show ! EMAIL: