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Mary Lenore plays what can be defined as spontaneous nerd punk rock, with sharp raw vocals and nerve-wracking big city music style. It tells tales of love, of assholes, and of life and death. If you’re looking to chill or came here to enjoy some covers, you are most definitely in the wrong place. Here, you get rugged, you get dirty, you get snot mixed with blood. But you also get honest and blunt, like a kick in the balls. No butterflies in anybody’s stomachs around here; you’ve been warned.

If you’re looking for some alcohol to go with our music, we recommend reasonably priced whiskey, neat, with a beer chaser. Travel-wise, it pairs well with a train ride and an overcrowded foul-smelling share taxi in the morning. Environmentally, a post-apocalyptic landscape and died-out cities overtaken by wild nature would be appropriate. Another good option is a forsaken urban area, with a bonfire made of condoms and heaps of wire, graffiti murals and other such dainty things.

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