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Marti Walker

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Marti Walker
Marti Walker Bio:

Jazz, pop, Latin, adult contemporary...Marti Walker is a genre-hopping songstress, blazing a trail of sexy rhythms, sophisticated melodies & thought-provoking lyrics...or not. Maybe she's just a girl who likes to sing & write songs.

The daughter of a jazz musician and highschool band director, Marti grew up around weird jazz musicians and music teachers all her life. Realizing that she had no escape but to become one of them, she enrolled as a Jazz Studies major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (with a heavy emphasis on theory), then continued the mayhem as a Jazz Flute major at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Somewhere along the way, she met a guy from Spain, and ended up moving there for about 4 years of her life. Being a snooty American, and thinking that she knew all there was to know about music, Marti got a huge kick in the butt, as she was exposed for the first time to incredible musicians from Spain and other parts of Europe, Cuba and South America - many of whom had never been to "college," but who seemed to have access to some hidden, secret language of rhythms & harmonies that was even beyond Berklee's advanced harmony & theory classes. At this point, "Latin" music began making a presence in Marti's musical experiences. She performed with her own jazz quartet, toured with a popular Spanish group by the name of "Mestisay," with the Celtic/Country sensation, "Sex & Violence," and was a freelance musician with a lot of local salsa and Latin-music bands. Outstanding performances include the World Fair in Seville, Glasgow International Jazz Festival and Las Palmas Jazz Festival. She appeared numerous times on Spanish television. In Los Angeles, Marti has performed at venues such as the Conga Room, The Gig Hollywood & West LA, the Vinyl, the Mint, Lucy Florence and the World Stage. She writes & performs her own original material, and has been a support musician (vocals, flute & percussion) for local artists for several years. Visit her web site at

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