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Malcolm Charles

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Malcolm Charles
Malcolm Charles Bio:

Born in Manchester, Malcolm Charles got into house music whilst playing funk nights during the birth of Manchester's music scene. Before long, Manchester became the center of European club culture, spawning such legendary venues as Hacienda, Wigan Pier and Love Junky.

Malc was there from the very beginning, playing some of the earliest house sets in the late 80s and early 90's.

He was a 12-year resident DJ at the UK's longest running Friday night at Wigan Pier, held this night together with Lee Turner for 7 years without the aid of any guest DJs, relying solely on there musical taste and mixing skills.

It was then that Malc and Lee joined forces as The Connection and settled as a resident at Miss Moneypenny's - (the UK's most respected house club). he also closed the 1998 summer Miss Moneypenny's party on the clubbing Mecca Ibiza, then again in 1999.

After several visits to Vancouver to see his brother Malc then decided he wanted to move to the place he had fell in love with. Malc has quickly established himself as one the most sought-after DJ's in the city, as well as now being a very well respected promoter to.

Malcolm has been featured on Canada's prime time TV show (THE NATIONAL). Full Features and page spreads have been done on Malcolm in most of the papers in Vancouver, including, (Terminal City) and (The Vancouver Sun).

Radio: Malcolm used to do a monthly set on Kiss Radio in Manchester-UK, He has also been featured on Vancouver's only Dance radio station Fresh Air. He was recently a featured DJ on MTV Canada.

In 2006 Malc came back to the Uk with his family, and took up the full family life, and had a well deserved break from the music industry.

Then in 2009 he got very cold feet and was missing his passion, so decided to go back to what he does best DJ/Produce and promote a few nights.

It was then that he decied to Bring his old night back to life Dreaming A Dream, and in March 2010 the night went off we amazing success.

He is now bulidling new nights, new Reuions and getting back into producing some club monsters.

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