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Lil' D.V.S.

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Lil' D.V.S.
Lil' D.V.S. Bio:

Lil' D.V.S. aka "The UndaDawg of Da South" was born in Detroit, and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisina(The Red Stick). Lil' D.V.S. has been grinding in the rap game for over 8 years and has three albums under his belt. Lil' D.V.S. has endured the countless road blocks put before him and has continued to strive and thrive in a wicked industry. When I asked Lil' D.V.S. what keeps him going, he smiled and said "I BELIEVE IN ME". Lil' D.V.S. is a true student of da game. He is constantly learning and taking his game to da next level.

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