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UPDATE: PLEASE SUPPORT ME...BUY MY TRACKS $2.00 each or buy all my tracks for 10$ and ill give you bt rmx and the terms for free.

my bio??..shit, its not my style but everybody says i need one so fuk i guess ill do it. just to let you know, you wont find any coool professional 3rd person bio here. its just me and like everything else i do, i will be doing it myself. : )

(Btw, there is a short simplified version if you scroll to the bottom for people who have A.D.D. or if you really dont care)

so my story....its actually similar to alot of other ravers that have been in this scene for a while now. its been alittle over 11 years now since i been going to raves in los angeles. and all i know is that my style and my music is still based on the past. the ghetto ass illegal warehouses with the climbable twelve foot speaker wall. strobe lights blairing into my frying eyes with flashes of colors mixed with sound. hands gripped tightly on the grill of the speakers with hundreds of young ravers all over my shoulders, staring up at a dozen flourescent mickey mouse gloves, reaching down from the top. ahh yes good old times. nothing will ever let me forget about those innocent days.

so 1994, i get my 1200s. i start djing. i play some prodigy mixed with some suburban base tracks (old school breakbeat techno). i play some nightcrawlers into miranda. i get really deep into psytrance. play some raves here and there. i learn to scratch and gain some respect so my asian hip hop friends would still respect me as a turntablist as i pursue my true soul of the 4/4 rhythm. i take extacy for the first time and discover sasha and john digweed around year 2000. felt like i was reborn again. haha. soon realised that the future of electronic music was moving away from illegal events and into legit night clubs. started stepping away from noisy psy and moved into the slower groovier rhythm of tribal and dark prog.

year 2000, landed a job working at one of LA's finest record stores, DMC records. i guess they realised i know my shit. haha. worked there for about 2 years and then got hired at another record store, "This Is Music" handling all the proghouse and trance/breaks. the store was pretty famous and it pretty much speaks for itself. (it was the number one record store in LA to buy progressive and breaks.)

so one late night at a "e" party in sherman oaks, a friend a mine introduces me to "mtv generator" on ps1. WOW what a life changing event that was. i made my first track on that thing. and then the rest is pretty much predictable.

im not anything special. im sure alot of ravers out there that can relate to my story. i was fortunate enough to land a track on global underground and shit id be lucky as hell if that ever happens again. writing music is just a semi serious hobby of mine to get more gigs. but if you ever want to battle me in djing.......

btw thanks for all the listens guys. cant believe i got over 700 listens already. glad you guys enjoyed.

more to come.


short version...

i know alittle about the rave scene
i know alittle about djing
i know alittle about scratching
i know alittle about drugs
i know alittle about computers
i know alittle about making music

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