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Lea Marie

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Lea Marie
Lea Marie Bio:

Teen singer songwriter Lea Marie burst onto the L.A. music scene after being rated the “#1 Pop Demo of 2007” in Music Connection Magazine and featured in the magazine’s prestigious “23rd Annual Directory of Artists and Bands for 2008.” As quoted in the magazine’s review of Lea Marie’s pop demo, “It’s hard to imagine a package that is tighter than this one. In every way, 16 yr old Lea Marie’s music and visual presentation are commercially viable.”

Lea Marie further accelerated her career by becoming a producer and spending much of her time in her own recording studio. She recently has announced September 16, 2008 as the release date for her self-titled debut album. Over the past few years, Lea Marie has composed over 75 original songs on piano and guitar. Her music has grown up with her style and has developed into a unique pop sound inspired all on her own.

Lea Marie's talent and work ethic puts her at the top of the list of teen singer songwriters most likely to succeed. Her ascent into the world of pop music is the result of a lifetime of hard work. During the past three years, Lea Marie has been honing her performance skills at various clubs, open mic nights, webcasts, and charity events throughout New York, Los Angeles, and Connecticut.

This amazing teen artist was initially recognized in 2001 when, at 8 years old, Lea Marie was chosen for the role of Shirley Temple and tap danced alongside the late legend Gregory Hines in Showtime’s TV Network feature film, "Bojangles."

Lea Marie's current ambition is to become a top-selling pop artist while continuing her flourishing songwriting career. Her website, invites viewers to listen to a selection of tracks from her upcoming album and watch the exclusive music videos of her songs. In addition to her website, Lea Marie's MySpace page ( has ignited a massive amount of interest and her popular music video ballad, “Memories”, is continuing to take notice on YouTube.

As Lea Marie's creative diversity moves her steadily into more exciting artistic directions and opportunities, she eagerly anticipates her future. Lea Marie’s self titled debut CD will be available in most online retail stores starting September 16, 2008.

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