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KevOz Bio:

An idea for a song may come at any moment.

Music is all around us - while we're sleeping, at work, or at play. Some of it is obvious, such as the latest hit single from your favorite artist playing on the radio, or a subway musician playing a saxophone.

Other music is not as noticeable. One may be taking a leisurely stroll along the lakefront, and find music within the waves. Someone else may come across a tuneful chorus while speeding down the highway. And others will hear something in a dream.

KevOz "sees" the music within these images, and constructs it into song. The great thing about KevOz's music is that one song can spur different thoughts and feelings from person to person. For instance, one listener may think about wheat fields swaying in a breeze while another may envision a lighthouse blinking on a starry night. The colorful textures and smooth soundscapes evoke feeling.

A number of different elements make up the colors of KevOz's music. The main instrument used in a great number of his compositions is the Yamaha SY77 Synthesizer. Several tracks also make use of Cakewalk Groovemaker, and a few others also have vocal samples thrown into the mix. All tracks are then mixed down with Cakewalk Home Studio. The resulting songs range from evolving dream-like textures to upbeat dance mixes, all of which being equally captivating. The music is fresh, with a uniqueness all its own.

KevOz has been perfecting his special brand of music for nearly 20 years. What started out as just a hobby soon became a passion...and with the advances of home recording technology in the mid to late 90's, he was able to upgrade from "homemade" cassettes to CD's and sell them at stores throughout his hometown, the Northwest side of Chicago. With more opportunities, avenues, and outlets for indie musicians becoming apparent at the dawn of the new millenium, KevOz decided to have his next CD, Into Orbit, professionally made. Along with the mass-production of the disc came his website,,and the result in August 2001 was a great success, enabling him to get the word out on his music whenever and wherever possible. Late January 2004 saw the remaster and official release of Lakefront, with Canvas following in February of the same year. In June, a new collection of rarities, remixes, and music in-the-works was released, titled A Sampler.

Inspired and grateful, KevOz relishes the opportunity to share his music with anyone around the globe, at any time.

And an idea for a song may come at any moment.

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"A Newer Cool revs up as it goes along, dialing up the intensity and volume until by the end it's a powerhouse of rhythmic yet spacy EM. The introduction of a repeated musical phrase on high-pitched bell-tones, along with more rapid rhythms as the cut develops, gets my blood pumping faster each time I play it." -- Bill Binkleman for Wind and Wire

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