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That JustDave rocks with authority is clear, but the excellent new CD also showcases the bands capacity for delivering solid pop-rock tunes that are as immediate as they are enduring. Well-conceived and equally well-played, JustDaves latest CD, Well I Never...., finds the English band hitting on all cylinders. (Rice B. at RadioIndy) Hot original sound. (DanCollins from Waunakee) Mind blowing pop music and vocals combined that have not been heard in ages! (Sash, Xtreme) Great vocal range and he carries it well. (Agentfontaine from Australia) These are just a few of the really positive responses JustDave has been getting in reviews and articles in the media. I had no specific ideas about what the music sounded like when I made and released the album so instead of me trying to tell you what I think JustDave sounds like though, why dont you take a listen and judge for yourself. The album Well I Never.... is available for download or purchase as a CD at, you can also download free full MP3 versions of some the tracks. You can read my complete history at :) :)

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