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Jonah Whale

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Jonah Whale
Jonah Whale Bio:

by Avion Zek

“Pink Floyd powered by Led Zeppelin” might aptly describe songs like “We will be gone” and “I can only imagine” (Belly of the Beast), but after that, you are on your own. Jonah Whale music is both mysteriously familiar and boldly unpredictable, so come prepared for adventure. “This artist will walk you through dark valleys and fly you over mountain tops”.

The “Belly of the Beast” album was over two years in the making, and like all three previous releases, “Dangerous Games”, “Underworld” and “Eccentricity”, it was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in its entirety by solo artist Jonah Whale at Adamsapple Records, his own home studio.
Fortunately, some things are worth the wait.

Jonah Whale has called several places home, including New York City and Los Angeles. Influences? “Almost everything I hear, including the chimes on my deck. I love hearing songs for the first time, it’s like an adventure. I want to be surprised, I want to hear something I haven’t heard before”.
All of Jonah Whale’s music is fueled by that passion for something new, and as such, has been very well received by both fans and critics alike, inspiring comments like, “Gorgeous ballads”, “will easily captivate any hard rocker”, “this one is a ten”.
His lyrical style is often subtle and insightful. Subject matter ranges from gentle sensitive ballads like “The Traveler” and “Imaginary World” to darker characters like the pyromaniac in “Match Head” and the atheist on death row in “Holy Man”.

Jonah Whale music has aired on numerous radio stations including WTPA, WPAM in Pottsville, WHTF in York, WQSU in Selinsgrove, WZZO Lehigh Valley, WZMT The Mountain, and WVIA just to name a few.

At present Jonah continues to write and record. At some point in the future, he would like to take on a few more outside projects and establish himself as an independent producer.

Hi, this is Jonah Whale.
I would like you to know that for me, songwriting has always been a labor of passion. As an artist, my most rewarding moments are when my music inspires other people to similar heights of passion. So, to all those who are inspired by these songs, I feel that we are at the very least, kindred spirits. I thank you, and my love goes out to you.
Songwriting can be a very personal experience in many ways. So as it turns out, on every album there have been one or two songs that touched me a little deeper than the rest.
On “Dangerous Games” it was “The Traveler” and “Faith”, on “Underworld CD it was “Holyman” and “One Little Thing”. On the “Eccentricity” album it is “Imaginary World” and “I Would” and on “Belly of the Beast” my favorites are “Dream” and “Welcome to the end of the world”. I hope you enjoy, and thanks again”.

Best Regards,
Jonah Whale

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