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Formed back in 1992 by Niklas Axelsson and Joakim Bergenvall as a doom-death act under the name "Tears of Luna". Joined in 1993 by singer Dennis Liljedahl they started to write their own material and soon their first demo The Journey (1994) saw the light of day. Even though the line-up wasn´t very consistent they managed to record a second demo, Skydancer (1995). Time Circles (1996) was the first release under the name In Grey. The band was then more or less on hold while Niklas studied.

Returning again with Seasons Change (1999), Dennis Starkenberg had replaced Andre Teilman behind the drums. Mask (2000) saw the band turn more to a songbased kind of music which they refined on Above (2001).

The struggle with members dropping off continued but in 2002 they found a permanent bassplayer in Per Lindström who also brought in Daniel Cannerfelt on guitar. This allowed In Grey to perform more liveshows and even gained them a mini-tour in Latvia. With new aims in their work they made the selfproduced debut Sulphur Tears (2003). However that line-up was not to last. Daniel Cannerfelt decided to leave the band and Joakim Croneström replaced vocalist Dennis Liljedahl, leaving Niklas the only remaining original member. Also guitarist Igor Jevtic and keyboardist Fredrik Klingwall joined the ranks of In Grey. Together they did a lot of gigs and recorded the demo MMIV (2004). Shortly after however, Igor decided to quit the band because of timerestraints. Elvis Aleman picked up the trail but due to health issues he saw himself forced to quit playing. Having lost two guitarists the same year, In Grey decided after a succesful live-gig to continue without a second guitar.

A second promo, XII (2004) was recorded in december containing another four songs planned for the second album. Which is going to be recorded in March 2005 with Daniel Bergstrand and Michael Hahne.

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