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Gaijin Gnomon

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Gaijin Gnomon
Gaijin Gnomon Bio:

Bold Synths and progressive song structures take you on a musical journey. Not your typical, repetitive electronic fare. I love heavy BASS so be aware while playing back at high volumes. I rarely use samples and most songs have 3-4 parts to them. I've been influenced by my classically trained (cello and guitar) background as well as my love for the modern electronica masters Like Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Joseph Nothing, Chris Clark and others. I also love 70s Prog Rock, Reggae, 80s pop and some modern artists Like Tool and Radiohead, Acid Bath and the unclassifiable DJ Shadow and RJD2.

MP3s are not very good quality and my songs suffer greatly from the low res 192kps I was restricted to on this sight. Especially in the low bass and spacial effects like reverb and delay the songs can sound harsh and muddy. Sigh... I recomend Headphones if you have them or a good speaker system. If your listining on computer speakers or worse yet laptop speakers, you are not hearing 1/3 of my music.

Thanks for listining! Please contact me If you have any questions, want a CD in full res 44.1k16bit wav files or wish to join me in a performance. I have a blog for anyone interested in this.

I currently am Installing Home Theaters in SW Ohio and have a website for my business that I will be adding a section to for my music.

Thanks for Listining! Cheers! Nick Ozanich -the Gaijin Gnomon

BTW: I am also looking to find Local artists to have a concert with as I have a full Audiophile Grade PA sound system designed for electronic music playback. just need a venue and some other artists!!!

My complete album "Dissonance" is available through Napster iTunes and others as well as through me directly at for the full resolution wave files on CD.

My page is:

My Home Theater site is:

"Pulseme" » Electronica 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Gaijin Gnomon - Pulseme  » play hi-fi
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This song is a melodic ABA structure with a sorroful yet sweet feel. Its very bare and precise giving the listiner a mixed emotional responce. Listen for the added distortions and echoes behind the main song structures.    

"House Blah" » Electronica 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Gaijin Gnomon - House Blah  » play hi-fi
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This song jumps into a house beat reinforced by multiple synths with a repeating melodic line that ascends and decends. After a bridge and a short interlude it picks back up where it started before ending.    

"Unsoltain" » Electronica 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Gaijin Gnomon - Unsoltain  » play hi-fi
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3 different synth tones join together and explode into sound then calm down and suck out into a pulsing build only to eplode again into the main theme.    

"Thumprump" » Electronica 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Gaijin Gnomon - Thumprump  » play hi-fi
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A quiet ambient start gives way a beat then to a short build followed by several harsh synths answered by a gurgling synth tone and resonant sonar pongs. This slides into a melodic center that carries through a few subtle changes into a swelling interlude and back before concluding.