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GBB Bio:

Name:Emcee Dan
Nicknames:GBB,Bill Bizzle,Boner Bill
From:Moncton NB
And I also have family on the West Coast
Home Town:Scoudouc NB
Fav Rappers: 2Pac, Eminem and 50 Cent!

Hey Everyone! This is my rap and my life biography for real I swear 2 Jesus or God...I was born on Monday June 2nd 1986 at 6:49 AM in the Moncton Hospital...I did my 1st rap song on paper with a crayon in 1993 when I was 7 years old...and now I got 2500 different tunes of GBB...GBB stands for Gangsta and Goof also known as Bill Bizzle aka Boner it's GBB to put it more shizzle...but I ain't got a record deal just yet...but I have freestyled and rapped and made my own songs at MFB elementary school and LJR highschool...and here at home...and on the streets...I just wanna give the ppl some souvenirs of me...while I am makin beats and tunes for the streets...I'm 18 right now...I'm white...I'm originally French but I can be chiack and I can talk I'm a 2 language DJ,MC AKA rapper,freestyler and producer...but I gotta thank my parents...and God...and most of all everyone in the whole World lol...just incase there ever is a place for me in the rap and hiphop industry...but ya it's cause of Eminem and 2Pac I actually started to rap...I honestly think that I'm gonna make music until I'm dead...but even after life my music will live on...but anyways I just wanted 2 tell my familly the fans and friends thanks alot for supporting GBB!!!

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