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Fatal Jones

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Fatal Jones
Fatal Jones Bio:

From Bklyn N.Y Fatal Jones, has emerged from the underground circuit in NYC to become one of the peoples' favorite mc. Fatal Jones name has been in the mix for a few years now. After being apart of a group called Fatal Attraction for years, in 2000 he then set his sights on a solo career. He released a Mixtape/ album (God Is God) in 2004 that has been very well recieved by the INDUSTRY and the PEOPLE alike. He has performed in many venues throughout the NYC tristate area Such as Cheetahs, the Soul Cafe with Maria Davis, Don Hills, Downtime, Remote Lounge, the Pyramid, and many more. Also he has had 3 songs in the top 10 countdown with Goodfellas radio in N.J. Fatal Jones has been featured on several radio stations including Street Radio, Promo Radio, & WUSB in StonyBrook, L.I to name a few.He has been featured in Street Radios' mixtape series, and had a strong buzz. Safe to say you'll be hearing plenty more from fatal Jones for many years to come he's "just getting started". Fatal Jones has just completed his 1st video "Liquor Store". keep your eyes and ears peeled cause he's coming!.

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