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Electric Needle Room

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Electric Needle Room
Electric Needle Room Bio:

Electric Needle Room is Steven Beat on percussion and cowbell and Matt Beat on everything else. They are famously known as the first ever duo to play indie pop songs in a random street alley in Newton, Kansas.

It indeed did all begin in Kansas- Augusta, Kansas to be exact. ENR had modest beginnings under the moniker of Feedback in 1995. Matt began recording songs at the ripe age of 14. Some of these songs are the worst known to mankind, but they eventually became better. Throughout high school and college, Matt went on to record more than 150 songs, some of them good, most of them bearable, but all of them primitively recorded on his parents' karaoke machine. His brother, Steven, assisted him on some songs with percussion (which Matt definitely needed help on) to add some organic flavoring to the songs.

Today, Matt uses a multi-track recorder for his low-fi surprises. Thus, the songs are sounding better, and the songwriting has also gotten better since the early days. Steven has joined the band full-time to help Matt out with Beats. The brothers currently split operations between Kansas City and Omaha.

ENR's debut full-length album, "My Socks Never Match," was released in November 2005 and has already went multi-platinum in Antartica.

Matt and Steven are currently recording a follow-up to their smash debut and are playing shows all around the world (Nebraska and Kansas)

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