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Hardkår Sthlm proudly presents to you: Edward! The band was named after the "great" director "Ed Wood Jr". And the main idea with Edward was to re-create the Hardcore scene as it was in '98... Alex and Rikard had played together in some bands before but it never really felt right. When both found eachother in the Swedish band Breach, their path was paved. Alex met Viktor, a guitar player with ambition, so soon Viktor joined the band. All this took place in October 2005. After some gigs in Stockholm, it was time for their debut recording, "Say You Miss Me". The time went on and so did the gigs, but the summer of 2006 they were ready to record the follow-up to "Say You Miss Me", Viktor lost the will to play guitar and left the band, one week before recording. His replacement for the recording was Ossi from "Strychnine Kiss" and another drummer came into the picture. And if this wasn't enough, Joniz joined for second vocals. So the line-up for their recording named "Koncept" was: Alex: Bass/Vocals, Rikard: Drums, Robin: Drums/Percussion, Joniz: Vocals and Ossi: Guitars. And at this time their music had changed into a mix between Hardcore and pop. After "Koncept" was recorded Edward felt like it was time for a break. But now, once again Edward is together and writes material for the next recording. The members today is: Alex Bass/Vocals, Rikard: Drums/Percussion and Viktor: Guitars/Vocals... Stay tuned for Edward

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This song is about our society, how alot of things went wrong, that maybe we should open our eyes and fix the things we broke... Maybe start with most important thing we got! Our nature!
We have always seen the future as the perfect place, but now we're here, and it wasn't really the thing we expected...

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Is it okey that our governments and police film us everywhere without our permission? Is it okey that we live in a society that more and more looks like George Orwells 1984?
That is why this song came to life...