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Danny Cockroach

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Danny Cockroach
Danny Cockroach Bio:

We are Danny Cockroach, an Edinburgh rock band who have very diverse influences on our music, for example rock, rock'n'roll, funk, metal, blues, eastern and jazz are some of our main influences which is why it is so hard to classify our style. I have tentatively called it Hard Rock, although it may not be what you think of as hard rock it is the closest I can get to our style. On drums is Jamie and he is probably the best musician in the band. He is a brilliant drummer. Rythm guitar and lead vocals is myself, Peter John Ellis. Duncan Sneddon plays bass and finally the excellent Lewis Rumney on lead guitar.

We set up the band as it is as a fusion of two bands we had, LMNOP which featured Lewis, Jamie and Peter and (the then titled) Melted Onion which was Duncan, Lewis and Peter. One band had no bassist, one no drummer, so we fused them. This happened in about early Summer 2004, but Jamie and Peter have been playing together since about Summer 2003 and Lewis almost as long.

At band practice the music is of utmost importance but there is also a huge element of fun because of the friendship we share and I think that really shows in our music. When we start playing, it is the purest expression of all our personalities and musical tastes/influences and many of our best songs have been written spontaneously when someone just makes up a riff and the band jams around it until eventually a song forms.

The main thing we always remember:it is about the music and the love.