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DISKO.....STARTED RAPPIN IN BOUT 2006....WAS A PART OF THE GROUP CALLED..S.I.E...with 3 close partna's.DESI...BEJORN...DIRTY RED....after a brief incarceration of 6 months then serving 6 more months on house arrest..DISKO decided to take the music game more serious....i was tired of being in and out of jail..i been gettin locked up since i was lil, and its the same ole ****..i wanted a different life for my kids to have better 1 than mine..."qoutes" DISKO.....IN FEB. 2008..DISKO launched his own label.TRAP STAR ENTERTAINMENT...with him being the first and only artist at the da summer of 2008 he released a promo cd..before his mixtape will..drop...which made him work even harder..becuz he didnt think the promo cd was to his satisfaction....the date for the mixtape was in late SEPTEMBER..due to the fact..thAT DISKO wants everything to be perfect..the date is pushed back a few months expect it round november or so...DISKO is also a producer and a song writer..not just for hip hop,but for r&b as well..Expect big things from DISKO this year and next year..

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