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Crown of Thorns

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Crown of Thorns
Crown of Thorns Bio:

While metal is an obvious common love we all share, COT is unique in the way that the originals written clearly reflect the various sub genres of metal that each member of the band is more attached to or greatly inspired by. The higher love for these sub genres do not separate us; but is instead, the factor in making for a refreshing breath of foul and largely brutal metal.

"Torture" is evidence of this- a mix of heavy riffs, death metal shredding, metalcore choruses, melodic transistions, thrash metal breakdowns, black metal intermissions, deathcore growls, and sheer unholy energy.

The songs COT will continue producing promise its listeners nothing more than enduring neckaches and swollen foreheads from all the headbanging they will inevitably find themselves doing; while evoking different yet nonetheless, intense emotions on cue of metallic melody.

This is COT; and this is our blood sacrifice to the only reason we live...


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