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Criminal Sanity

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Criminal Sanity
Criminal Sanity Bio:

Criminal Sanity is a high energy, heavy metal band that has been described as "...a massive mix of Pantera meets Helloween." (Harder Beat Magazine- March1995) With a full line of original music and showmanship beyond most groups comprehension. Criminal Sanity consistently packed clubs to the max! Once heard, they kept the fans coming back every time they played.

Six members, three guitars, using a unique double rhythm/double lead mix adds a dimension to their music that fills the mosh pit and keeps it full through the entire set. The members of the band are professional musicians that know the value of going the extra mile to fill the places the played and put on a show that would keep the fans coming back every time they came through town.

The band members, Andy Wylde Aka Larry Linch -vocals, Tony Steele-lead guitar, Jon Evans-lead/rhythm guitar, Damian Hyde-rhythm/lead guitar, Chris Chauvin-bass and Orion Quest-drums, had only two real goals. First- to entertain millions and second- make money doing so. Their CD, DEMORALIZE, proved that they had the ability to do both.

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