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Continental Divide

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Continental Divide
Continental Divide Bio:

Max & Sue Hill have finally completed the work on their album titled “New Romance”. It was recorded at the Continental Divide Studio, and Engineered by Max. The new CD features songs of romance, love and wonder, that will take you on a journey through life, with the nature of Colorado as a backdrop. Max & Sue released this CD to be an alternative to the everyday music a listener might hear. The songs are refreshingly different and will have you singing along after the first time through!

Since the release of the “New Romance” CD they are surprised that everyone seems to have their own favorite songs from it. The title song has always been everyone’s favorite, but they are happy that all of the songs from the CD have received positive comments from listeners. One fan wrote: “There wasn’t one song on the whole CD I didn’t like, which normally isn’t the case”. They have also found that a lot of their friends who purchased the CD are having to share it with their teenagers…..what a pleasant surprise!

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