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Chris Robertson

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Chris Robertson
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Robertson developed his skills as a singer and lyricist while writing songs with
Tim Butler (PSYCHEDELIC FURS) from 1994 to 1997 for their band, Feed. The
band recorded enough material for two albums before Robertson moved on to
front the New York-based band, Punch Havana, from 1997 to 2001. While
recording two EPs and an LP, The Hansa Sessions, in Berlin, Germany, he
learned what to expect from working within the confines of a recording studio.
After returning from Punch Havana’s last gig, the SXSW festival in Austin,
Texas, Robertson concentrated more on writing than performing. Applying a DIY
attitude to his thoughtful version of pop music, and opting to free himself from
recording schedule constraints, he put together a portable home studio.
Choosing the tranquility of the old seaside whaling village of Sag Harbor, NY to
set up shop, Robertson plays most of what you hear on Here We Are, but also
uses the talents of some of his favorite NYC musicians. Guests include:
Justin Guip (MARK GEARY), Tom Clapp (ELEFANT, THE FEVER), Jesko Stahl
(MELODROME) and Micah Green.

A few weeks into the making of Here We Are, Robertson found the sound and
direction he was looking for, and the songs flourished with experimentation.
Robertson says, “I discovered that layering different instruments, while playing
simple lines or parts, took my songs in a new direction. I can still see a
connection to where I left off with Punch Havana, but this solo experience
put me in an entirely new place as a songwriter.”

The isolated location and relaxed recording pace made this intensely personal work possible. Here We Are is about stops and starts, ends and new beginnings. Ultimately the record combines elements of Elliot Smith, The National, Badly Drawn Boy, and Pink Floyd with vague references to Sonic Youth, Jeff Buckley, and 10cc. Robertson’s lyrics read like poems exploring the inner workings of relationships as well as the city he cherishes (NYC). He mixes idyllic and unpromising images in a blend that mirrors his life and those around him. Every song is a tuneful truth backed by a trippy soundscape that eases into your subconscious without drilling into your skull.

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