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Champagne Morning

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Champagne Morning
Champagne Morning Bio:

"Our music is full of... music. Live music, live emotions, live vibes".

Dima Kelly

I met Dima Kelly back in 2007.
A young talented musician and composer, he then worked on numerous radio stations and production companies, composing hits for TV commercials, computer games and overall being one of the top sound designers in the local market.
During all this time Dima has been creating songs for his own band. At the same time, he met a great team of co-thinkers: Liak (guitars), Max Sabodazhe (keyboadrs), Alex Chun (bass), Alexandr Murenko(drums), Dima Kelly (vocal)
Thus the new band - Champagne Morning - was born, to fill the music world with emotional, sincere, catchy and provoking tunes.
The first single, "Miracle" has been released in spring 2010 and burst out on radio stations in Ukraine. Besides that, slowly but firmly, the track is going live on online radio stations and in online music stores all over the world. Now, more than 15 tracks are being finalized to be included into the band's first album, which is due to be released in early 2011.

Being quite popular in Ukraine, the band is more oriented to all English-speaking countries, to make the music available to a wider audience.
Being yet an unsigned band, Champagne Morning is making huge steps toward conquering the world with their sincere and inspiring indie-rock-pop music.
Well, a hundred words is worth one good listen - so play the "Miracle" and enjoy it!..

-Irene Pigal (lyrics author)

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this song will be a great tune for an amazing party and will create an excellent mood. Our biggest wish is to turn the world into one big dancing party with rivers of champagne :)