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COD Bio:

Vocals - Arv
Guitar - Robbie Neil
Drums - Nathan
Bass - Iain
Guitar - Simon

After a few underground demo releases Where's the Peace is the
first full length album from Canberra's COD. This project has
seen the band team up with Gordon and REDSUN studio's to
produce an entirely local and fully professional recording to
compliment the bands big sound and guitar driven metal style.

COD's style is somewhat hard to describe big guitars and clasic
metal sounds from aggressive all the way to mellow,
traditional sounding vocals comparable to Black Sabbath and
SOAD. Even drumming that somtimes belongs in a grind core
band COD have proved (in the past) they can just about play
any style. But with the release of Where's the Peace the song
writting of the band has matured and some tight polished
ripping rock/metal classic's have emerged.
Where's the Peace is full of political undertones and social
commentary and is a culmination of the last 4 years of
refinement for the nation capital's COD. Who are currently
trying to promote and gain some sort of distribution for the
Where's the Peace is definetly a sublime crossover of sounds true
to its metal roots pushing new boundaries in Metal Music in Australia.

"Hype in Sizes" » Metal 2 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Song about some views on the USA    

"Ode to the Crooked One" » Metal 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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A song about John Howard the Australian Prime Minister