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Charls Love
106 Wade Street
S4 8HX


Charlene a.k.a Charls Love has had an audience since being a young child. Her talents are wide spread, as she found out when starring as Nancy in the play Oliver, which was covered by the Sheffield Star. When in secondary school, she was one of the lead singers for the school choir, which then went on to win competitions. All the time Charlene has admired the stage and what excitement it brings when in the Starlight.

Having completed her Intermediate Performance Skills course in July 2004, she was elected to sing at the Sheffield United Football grounds for their start of season promotion day. There were over 600 spectators in the audience. On that day Charlene sang her own song and a cover of the Prince of Egypt soundtrack sung by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Charlene in now called upon to perform at many different local community events.


At this moment in time Charls Love has finished working on her first proper recording with the likes of Rob Gordon. Rob is a founder member of Warp Records, now situated in London. Purchasing her first music production software in June 2006, Charls has now been teaching herself how to compose, produce and record her own music. She is not one for waiting on someone else; she would much rather do it herself. Presently, Charls is writing her first album.


Charls has very big hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future. Her main vision is to own her own record company, management agency and promotions company. With love well within in her heart, she would also like to assist in helping to change the world and make it a better place to live with the power of music. Children of the next generation are her main target, as she feels that they no longer have any decent people you could call role models, especially in the music industry.


Standing in at 57.5 and weighing approximately 11stone. Charls has a very good athletic figure and is willing to work hard at keeping fit and healthy. Music is her first passion, the next would be dancing. She has dark brown hair and eyes with an image that makes other women jealous looking good in almost anything. A singer, songwriter, producer, with a very big heart.

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Artists: Charls Love & Robert Gordon, founder member of Warp Records.