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Borroka Bio:

It's 2009, a meaningless year in the era of stressful and grumpy people who think of themselves as very important and have just lost the last grain of fun left in their remote controlled bodies. But thanks to whatever superpower you believe in, there are a few others left to build a great party. And Borroka proudly present itself as a member of these others. Slightly weird, slightly absurdist, without boundaries and, most importantly, with loads of fun. And what about you? Are you up for it? Are you with us on the crusade against the grumpier creatures that move around on the face of the earth? Come on then!

Borroka started in the beginning of 2009 as a collaboration between JJ Borroka and M. Frau. Two creative minds that felt locked up in the world of their existing bands, the touring and the many uninteresting people involved with those bands. Making music is great, but in a band you always have to think twice about crazy stuff. So the two needed something anonymous to do whatever they liked. And soon, more human beings were getting involved in the quest for fun and rock. A unique combination of American and Dutch musicians.

The first Borroka creation was a Sunday morning remake of the famous Motown slime ball hit "Never Been To Me" by Charlene. "Charlene the mean machine" was the perfect translation of what Borroka wanted. Rock music, without the serious and poetic lyrical themes, but with arrangements going just a wee bit over the edge. As always, it's hard to describe a genre, but this is coming close:

Throw Sonic Youth in a pretty big blender, turn it on, remove the lumpy parts, let it rest for a day or so, sculpt a nice Pixie out of it and finish it off with a Frank Zappa moustache.

Shortly after the Charlene thingy, Borroka sneaked into the studio to record their first official release: The Cedric B maxi single. 3 songs without any link between them. Cedric B himself starred in the Cedric B video as the embodiment of everything Borroka is not: Stuck in Society. The biggest achievement was the fun in the air, and that nobody felt pushed or stressed in anyway. Borroka sat down, played, pressed record and did whatever came in mind.

The grand question for the future was, is this possible on a larger scale? An album? Yes it was! "Siberian Tale" is the proof of that. This 9 track album is based on JJ Borroka’s essay A Siberian Tale which tells the story of an imaginary Siberian family. Again, the Borroka platoon invaded the studio, jammed the story in their brains, and started playing. The result was just what was to be expected: Slightly Absurdist Neo Progressive Noise Rock.

And now? We don't know. Maybe we become grumpy people. But that will be just as likely as Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic Space Travel Agency will be a big success.

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