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Bob Chambers

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Bob Chambers
Bob Chambers Bio:
You can download all the tracks from the album "Shortcut to Nashville" from my website.
You don't need to "join" or "sign-up" to anything, you don't need to buy $5.00 of credits, there is no minimum purchase. Buy just one track, or the whole album it's up to you.

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Remember the 70s when country music WAS pop music?
I certainly do, thats why I think youre going to love the new CD Shortcut to Nashville from Bob Chambers. All of the songs on She Says were written by Bob, many of them in the 1970s, thats how he has managed to capture the magic of that era so perfectly. If you like good songs that appeal across the board then you will love Shortcut to Nashville from Bob Chambers.

There's more than a good chance that fans of Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, The Eagles, The Tractors, The Oak Ridge Boys, Don Williams Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, or Johnny Cash, will appreciate what Shortcut to Nashville is all about, after all these are the great artists/songwriters and musicians who influenced Bob Chambers.

This is what Bob Says about Shortcut to Nashville.
On this album I give you a collection of country songs that I have written over the years and recorded in my "Crows-nest Studio" at home in East Sussex, England. This is all me folks! I write the songs, sing all the vocals, play the guitar and all the other instruments. I produce, engineer, answer the phone and make the coffee!!..... No, they haven't been produced by Nashville's greatest producers, or played by the worlds most virtuoso country musicians in the most technically advanced studios for a million dollars. You won't see this album advertised on T.V., or in your favourite music magazine. What I give you here is something that is different and original. Real honest music, played from the heart - enjoy!

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